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Beagle Dog

Beagle is a cute and lively domestic pet dog. This dog is known for its short body and pleasing looks. But initially beagles are brought up to be hunting dogs as they weregood sniffers. They are one of the most favorite pet dogs in many countries.

An average male dog weighs around 14 kg with a life span of over 12 years. They are known for their enthusiastic and loving nature. Beagles are still used as hunting dogs in some countries. They are the most curious breed of dogs which constantly search on something digging. Training these breed of dogs, one needs quite an amount of patience and determination.

Maintenance is a pretty work when it comes to beagles as it has less fur on it. They cannot adapt themselves to a restricted environment as they need some space to stretch their legs. They need regular exercise to keep them healthy which if not may lead them to obesity. Like many of the dogs they are more friendly and caring especially with kids. They are also friendly with other pet animals in the home. They are not considered to be watch dogs since they become friendly even with strangers.