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Butterfly is a beautiful insect which is found mostly in the tropical forests. Butterflies have large scaly wings with vibrant colors. They are found almost in every part of the planet. They are classified in to different types depending on their size and structure.

The life of a butterfly has four stages starting from eggs to the adult butterfly. A butterfly lays egg on the leaves through which the caterpillar hatches from. After the caterpillar comes out of the egg, it feeds on its egg shell and after that the leaf. It constantly feeds on the leaves to become larger. The caterpillar is an exoskeleton living organism which peels off its skin numerous times during its growth period.

The third stage is the pupa stage where the grown caterpillar changes itself allowing its transformation to an adult butterfly. As soon as the butterfly comes out of the pupa, it is ready for reproduction. Butterfly feeds on liquid foods by sucking through their antenna.

The average life span of the butterfly is a month. It depends on climate and many other factors which determines the lifetime of the butterfly. One such cause is the increasing global warming and rapid urbanization of earth.