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Cheetah belonging to the cat family is the fastest animal on the earth. It can attain a speed of 110km/hr within the span of 3 seconds. This lightning speed animal has a very distinct physique allowing it to cruise through the grasslands.

Cheetah has a small head, ears and long legs. They have their finger nails as such a football player’s shoe. They are amazing hunters stunning the prey with their sudden pounce. They are known to kill their prey in one bite.

This terrible speed lasts only for a while. The wild cat loses most of its energy with its one chase and it needs some breath to recover. Like every other wild cats, cheetah is not so successful in attacking. It may lose its food to other meat eaters during the recovery time.

A fully grown male cheetah weighs at an average of       60 kg. The female cheetah gives birth to an average of 3 cubs at a time. The cub is protected by the mother from other predators in the wild.

They are widely found in some African countries and also in India. Due to the rapid urbanization, deforestation and hunting cheetah has become quite an endangered species.