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Birth date of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas. It is a Christian religion festival which falls on December 25th of every year. Jesus who was born in Bethelehem is the son of Mary and Joseph. People believed him to be the son of god because of his miraculous powers.

Being born in a simple family, Jesus as a child developed some exceptional qualities. He overwhelmed everyone with his spiritual thoughts and principles. Later he travelled places preaching his religious ideas to the people. He has become the center point of the Christian religion.

Followers of Christianity around the world celebrate Christmas with some traditional rituals. On the occasion of this festival, people would build miniature resembling the birth place of Jesus with Christmas tree beside and keep it for certain days in their home. They present gifts, prepare special dishes and share them with their neighbourhood. They go to their nearby churches to worship and offer their prayers.

Being one of the highest followed religion in the globe, Christmas is a national holiday in most of the nations. It is even more special in the colder countries where there will be snowfall, adding much more excitement to the people celebrating.