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Dragon Fly

Dragon fly is an amazing insect with long tail, wide wings and eyes all over its head. Their wings grow to a length of over 2 to 3 inches. They have sharp and wide frame of vision.

They are generally found around wet lands since moisture is what they require for breeding and many other reasons. They are very good flyers and move to a speed of 45 miles per hour. They can change directions and angle themselves with lightning reflexes.

They prey on insects and belong to the predator family controlling the population of the insects. They feed on wide range of insects and hunt on the fly. They are the harmless variety of insects to the humans.

Prehistoric dragonfly is said to have much more wing span of over 2 to 3 meters. These insects are capable of mating on the fly. The females lay around 1500 eggs at a time. Most of the dragonfly’s life is spent under water until it grows wings.

Dragonfly is mostly found in fresh waters. Their life is a cycle of different forms starting from eggs to a complete insect. Its average life span is around 6 months after its complete growth.