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This muscular monster is a fictional superhero created by Stan lee. He is of two characters, one being the calm and intelligent scientist and another one is the destructive giant. He is physically normal than any other person until when something invokes him. He gets transformed himself in to a weapon of mass destruction.

This condition of him is because of the accident he met in the lab which triggered his mutant genes. Whenever his adrenaline punches, no matter what might be the reason, he becomes this indestructible humanoid which smashes anything coming on his way. This character is enhanced as a lead character in the movie “The Hulk” which sheered the box office collections. After that there are some sequels and main roles in other movies.

Hulk, being one of the favorite superhero globally is loved for his physique and the reason for his transformation. He is a giant, green colored, muscular monster with utmost strength. There is nothing he cannot destroy and also there is nothing that can destroy him.

The more the attempts trying to mute him, the more he gets anger and retaliates with his monstrous strength. The only person that can calm him is his girl.