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Parrots are birds with over 400 varieties of them. Each breed is of different shape and color. They originated in Central America, Africa, New Zealand, Asia and many other countries. They are one of the most favorite domestic pet due to their beautiful looks.

There are different sizes of parrot depending on their breeds with the smallest one weighing at an average of 12g and the largest breed around 1.5kg. A parrot has strong beaks and claws which helps them to break strong seeds. Parrots generally feed on fruits and nuts but they also eat insects and meat. They live in groups known as flocks and have only one partner in their lifetime.

For their habitat, they mostly prefer warmer areas and some of them live in cold temperatures too. A female parrot lays around 2 to 8 eggs with the incubation period of around 20 days. A parrot chick is born with thin and delicate skin which is also blind for the first two weeks. They become completely mature at around 3 years. Some breeds of the parrot had become extinct due to captivity and global warming. Also habitat loss played a major role in further extinction of the birds.