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Technically peacock is a male bird whereas the females are called peahen. They both are collectively called as peafowl. These birds originated in India and also exist in some other countries.  Peafowl are known for their beautiful and long feather. The Indian peafowl is blue in color and there are also green and white color peafowl. Only the male birds have this long colorful feather. These birds use the feather to attract their female counterparts during mating.

These pretty birds generally reside in deep forests. Apart from their beauty, they are known for their intelligence. They can run faster, climb and even fly to a certain height. They being an omnivore feed on insects, small reptiles, fruits and nuts.

A fully grown Peacock weighs at an average of 5kg and they have an average life span of over 15years. The males have multiple partners in their lifetime and a peahen lays around 2 to 3 eggs after mating.

Unlike others, these birds need not to be killed for their colorful feathers because the feathers naturally falls off thus saving them from extinction. Another strange fact is that these birds are once served as delicacies. Peacock is the national bird of India.