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Beagle Dog

Beagle is a cute and lively domestic pet dog. This dog is known for its short body and pleasing looks. But initially beagles are brought up to be hunting dogs as they weregood sniffers. They are one of the most favorite pet dogs in many countries. An average male dog weighs around 14 kg with a life span of over 12 years...

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Butterfly is a beautiful insect which is found mostly in the tropical forests. Butterflies have large scaly wings with vibrant colors. They are found almost in every part of the planet. They are classified in to different types depending on their size and structure...

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Cheetah belonging to the cat family is the fastest animal on the earth. It can attain a speed of 110km/hr within the span of 3 seconds. This lightning speed animal has a very distinct physique allowing it to cruise through the grasslands. Cheetah has a small head, ears and long legs...

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Birth date of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas. It is a Christian religion festival which falls on December 25th of every year. Jesus who was born in Bethelehem is the son of Mary and Joseph. People believed him to be the son of god because of his miraculous powers...

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Deepavali, the festival of lights is a traditional hindu religion festival celebrated in India. This festival is celebrated as a signification of light over darkness. Deepavali falls on the months of October to November. People in different states celebrate this festival in their own way...

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